Why is there a $5 printing fee added to my order?

Our print fulfillment center in Alabama charges us $5 per order for press set up and packaging. We choose to show this charge as a separate fee instead of building it into the product price in effort to be more transparent and actually lower the cost of our products compared to our competitors. There is only one $5 printing set-up fee per order no matter how many different items you have printed from our Alabama fulfillment center.

The example below shows competitive pricing for just one item, a notepad. If you are buying multiple products from this fulfillment center, our prices will be even more competitive since the fee is charged only once instead of being built into each product you buy.

Example pricing breakdown:

When you buy one notepad

One of our 4.25" x 5.5" notepads with 50 sheets is $6.89. Add on the $5 printing fee and it costs $0.2378 per sheet.
Our competitor sells a 4" x 5.5" notepad with 40 sheets for $10.00. That's $0.25 per sheet.

When you buy two notepads

Us: $6.89 x 2 + $5 = $18.78, or $0.1878 per sheet.
Our competitor: $8 x 2 = $16 or $0.20 per sheet.

When you buy three notepads

Us: $6.89 x 3 + $5 = $25.67 or $0.1711 per sheet.
Our Competitor: $8 x 3 = $24 or $0.20 per sheet.


If you have any questions about products fulfilled by our Alabama fulfillment center or this printing set-up fee, please contact us.